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G&W Service is a certified installer of large exhaust fans, our Installer program assures customers that their new fans is not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but it is also installed correctly, professionally and safely. We are an elite group of highly trained professionals — we are part of a fast-paced organization dedicated to superior quality and customer service. Our service includes:

  • Warehouse Fan Installation
  • Warehouse Fan Retrofits
  • Warehouse Fan Repairs

Big Ass Fans products include large diameter, low-speed ceiling fans for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. Big Ass Fans produces large diameter, low-speed fans that move a lot of air with their size, while their smaller offerings provide targeted cooling for smaller spaces. The high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans are truly huge, ranging in size from 6 to 24 feet in diameter. One 24′ fan can cool a 20,000 sq. ft. space on its own, using in-line helical gear reducers for nearly frictionless power transmission. These giants are engineered to move air without noise or wasted energy, providing over 25 times the airflow of a standard industrial ceiling fan.

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