G&W Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Eliminate odors, improve indoor air quality, exhaust harmful chemical fumes, and keep employees cool.

An exhaust fan is the most critical component of a restaurant’s exhaust hood system. If it malfunctions, it can create an environment that will not only be uncomfortable for customers and employees but can also result in crippling fines associated with health code violations.

Helpful Tip

You need to find an expert who can quickly diagnose and fix your exhaust fan problems, without disrupting your business flow.

G&W Service provides full installation, repair and maintenance on a variety of commercial exhaust fan systems and set-ups. We install individual exhaust fan systems, as well as associated ducts and hoods in commercial environments throughout Houston. We can design and install a central exhaust system suited to your specific needs. In addition to repair and replacement, we also provide maintenance that is critical to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your exhaust fan, vital to extending its life.

Our exhaust fan services include:

  • Commercial exhaust fan repair and installation
  • Restaurant exhaust and make up air install and repair
  • Custom installation
  • Emergency service

G&W Service offers specialists who are experts in the maintenance, repair and replacement of commercial exhaust fans. Call us at  713-227-3404.